[DWJ] Dream

Thomas Thurman thomas at thurman.org.uk
Mon Feb 20 10:13:34 EST 2012

I thought you lot might like to hear about a dream I had recently.

I dreamed I was contacted by a headhunter for a programming job. This
isn't unlikely, since I've often worked as a contract programmer. What
was unusual this time is that the firm that wanted to hire me was in
another of the Related Worlds. I don't remember which, but it was part
of Series Twelve.

So I went there for an interview, and their HR department paid for the
magic needed to get me there. When they offered me the job I accepted;
the work was interesting, as were my coworkers. The conventions of
programming weren't very different in that world, and the most
complicated thing I had to adjust to was that they still used the old

A great deal of the dream then involved doing some rather boring
debugging work. I tell you, my dreams have no clue about pacing.

After I'd been working there a few months, the company went the way of
many tech startups and unexpectedly went bankrupt. This was a major
problem for me, because there was no HR department left to send me
back and I hadn't saved enough to get back to 12B on my own dime. I
remember wandering around the town (I didn't recognise it from this
world) trying to work out what to do. Eventually I found myself
standing by the parapet of a bridge and reasoning this way: I could
jump off the bridge and die. If this causes me to return to my
original life in my home world (a la Tacroy, I suppose), then I'm none
the worse. If I die permanently, at least I'm not stuck here any more.

So I jumped, and hit the water, and woke up.


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