[DWJ] Something that made me smile

Deborah Meghnagi Bailey deborah at brightweavings.com
Wed Dec 19 02:09:31 EST 2012

I'm due to give birth to my second child within the next few weeks. I've
just begun to pack my bag for the hospital. This morning I was thinking -
what if I actually get time to read after the birth, when I'm in the
hospital for a couple of days? What books should I take with? Something easy
to focus on, something positive and fun... what author other than DWJ
qualifies so readily? So I put on my growing pile of things to add into the
bag, Hexwood and The Lives of Christopher Chant.

Then, a few minutes ago I found a word doc I made before the birth of my
first child, four years ago. I wanted to check it, to see if there was
anything I'd had on the hospital list then, that I might have forgotten for
this time round. Lo and behold, under 'book to read', I had put: "Diana
Wynne Jones?"

Some things just don't change! 


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