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Gillian Houck <erikagillian at gmail.com> wrote:

> I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of Auntie Bea's Day
> Out when I was commenting somewhere about the similarities in some DWJ
> and Joan Aiken stories.  Auntie Bea also gives you a bad adult as do a
> lot of Joan Aiken's.  I think the point I was making was when I was
> reading some DWJ short stories, including that one and Pink Toad Stool
> (if that's the right one) made me think of the story Cat Flap and
> Apple Pie and for a bit I couldn't decide if Cat Flap and Apple Pie
> (which I hadn't read in quite a while) was by Ms Jones or Ms Aiken.
> Which I think Ms Jones might have taken as a compliment :)  Well, I
> just assume everyone likes Joan Aiken, since I have loved her since
> grade school when our teacher read us all of Wolves of Willoughby
> Chase and had Black Hearts and Nightbirds on the shelves for us to
> read to ourselves.  Possibly Ms Aiken would have taken it as a
> compliment too :)

I think they would both have enjoyed the comparison: they were friends.

I got told by both of them separately that my daughter *was* Dido Twite.
This was slightly alarming, especially since I don't think she had been
born when Dido was first written.  I don't *think* she was anyone
written by Diana...


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