[DWJ] memorial being recorded?

Philip Belben philipbelben at alice.de
Mon Apr 30 05:17:25 EDT 2012

Some wonderful descriptions of what must have been a wonderful occasion!

I would have liked to come, but too much uncertainty about my job, and 
as it turned out, a gig with the church choir that had a higher claim on 
me...  My mother, too, wanted to go but was not well enough :-(

> I hadn't known about the ballet of Black Maria, and I had no idea that
> Diana's nephew Tom Armstrong was a composer, so hearing him play a
> couple of pieces from it (with slides from the ballet) was a surprising
> journey into yet another nook of her life.

I'd heard about it, on this list; but I had no idea that the composer 
was a relative!

I don't know his music, but I'd like to hear what he would do with the 
tune I wrote for the Angel of Caprona - and I wonder if he'd be up to 
tackling "Unbounded Truth" in either of its versions...  (I know I 

On a different matter - shall we extend the time for discussing Dogsbody 
into May, and discuss Power of Three later the same month?  I don't want 
to set our monthly read back a whole month for this.  A memorial for 
Diana is not an excuse _not_ to read her books, after all!


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