[DWJ] memorial being recorded?

Colin Fine colin at fine.me.uk
Mon Apr 30 04:26:31 EDT 2012

On 27/04/12 09:19, Eleanor Joslin wrote:
> Older. It seemed about the same level as the majority of Diana's children's books. I think it mentioned that the narrator was 12.
> It's been haunting me ever since. I could see it so clearly in my mind's eye.
Me too.

And if I can add my impressions of the day:

I was particularly delighted with the range of speakers - all her sons, 
both her sisters, plus colleagues, fans and friends. The picture Colin 
conjured up (that Gili has already mentioned) of Diana with a pen in one 
hand, coffee in another, a cigarette in another and petting the cat with 
another, is one that several other speakers referred to, and which has 
stuck with me as a particularly DWJ image.

I hadn't known about the ballet of Black Maria, and I had no idea that 
Diana's nephew Tom Armstrong was a composer, so hearing him play a 
couple of pieces from it (with slides from the ballet) was a surprising 
journey into yet another nook of her life.

I was delighted to see Greer Gilman there - we were both active in 
Jómsborg the New (the Cambridge Fantasy Society) thirty years ago, and I 
had no idea she might be there. Also very pleased to meet Gili at last.

The tower of foreign-language translations in the bar was imposing, and 
those who know me will know how much I was tempted to carry a bagful of 
them home. But I've recently resolved to fight my addiction to Stuff 
(such as Books), so I virtuously restricted myself to buying an English 
copy of The Ogre Downstairs and presenting it to the six-year-olds of 
the family I was staying with.

I was only sorry that Diana's husband John was not able to be there; but 
I guess it would have been too much for him.

Huge thanks to Minnow and Mickey and whoever else was involved in making 
it happen.


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