[DWJ] memorial being recorded?

Eleanor Joslin eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk
Fri Apr 27 09:15:28 EDT 2012

On 27/04/12 11:17, minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
> I would say that it is most like a cross between something slightly
> Dalemark and Everard's Ride or even the pre-Dalemark short story about
> the prisoner, with touches of The Merlin Conspiracy; the setting is a
> fantasy archipelago rather than any numbers-of-worlds one or any
> connection with our England, and the movement is of magic rather than
> anything pseudo-tech.

It made me think of the witch family in The Merlin Conspiracy or the 
Pinhoes in Chrestomanci's world.  I think I assumed it was some kind of 
parallel England.  I can't think of an archipelago without thinking of 

> *She* said that she only had two chapters to go; nobody who has read it
> can see how that could possibly be, because there are so many things
> left unexplained and unconnected when the last sentence ends.

Lots of DWJ books are like that!  I take it for granted now, but I used 
to marvel at it.  Perhaps this one just needs more eyeballs.


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