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Thanks so much for sharing this!  I shall relish every word people post!

DWJ is one of my all-time favorite fantastic fiction writers.

Amy in NYC

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I am KICKING myself for not having thought to forward this to the list
before now. What a stupid oversight. I received this as an international
publisher, but of course I should have forwarded it to you guys straight
away: the point is to get the message out. The online celebration of Diana
Wynne Jones via blog tour was kicked of today by Colleen Mondor:


The planned lineup for the rest of the blog tour is posted here:


If you want to participate, Sharyn November is coordinating it through the
tumblr link below and I think it's still not too late to join. You can
write to her at:

sharyn.november at us.penguingroup.com


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Dear Friends of Diana Wynne Jones,****

** **

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since we lost Diana Wynne
Jones. This spring Diana’s publishers in the UK and USA will be jointly
remembering this wonderful author’s life and work during an online
celebration and extravaganza. The official celebration and blog tour starts
on April 12 and will run for two weeks. We have set up a blog at
http://dwj2012.tumblr.com/ and it is ready for submissions and for sharing.
The Twitter hashtag is #dwj2012.****

** **

We very much hope you will all join us by posting anything you’d like to
share about Diana on the blog.  Please help us by sharing this information
and this invitation with Diana’s many publishers, other authors,
librarians, teachers, booksellers, and anyone else who is a fan or might
become a fan and would like to join the party.****

** **

With thanks,****

** **

Virginia Duncan****

VP & Publisher****

Greenwillow Books****

** **

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