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Joe oddenda at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 08:55:22 EDT 2011

Actually I was thinking of the remark that Irina mentioned below:

'"She's trying to tell you," I said, "that someone has stapled six  
rabbit's testicles to your right breast." Janine's head jerked upright.  
She stared at me for a second, obviously wondering if I had said what  
she thought she heard. Then she settled for looking puzzled and  
distant, turned and stalked gracefully away.'

I believe this may be around p.250 in the 1st Gollanz edition, although  
(aagh!) I can't find my copy anywhere. I mentioned this in the context  
of offence being given and taken. Rupert, most definitely on the side  
of the angels (even if he doesn't always agree with the Upper Room),  
setting out in his polite way to give as much offence as possible; and  
the American YA editors duly taking - or more likely, anticipating -  
offence and changing it (the testicles, that is, to 'turds' weirdly  
enough. What did they do about the br**st? I can't find the discussion  
that took place way back in 2002? 03? in the archive, just an allusion  
to it in a thread called Deep Secret editions in Oct 2005.)

Someone has blogged about these changes more recently, with  
screenshots, here:


Anyhow, so much for an ObDWJ about nursing; pretty off the point as it  
turns out. I had thought that the story _The fluffy pink toadstool_  
might yield one, but mercifully no (that trades in some pretty  
unforgiving caricatures of certain lifestyle options, but not that  
particular one).



On 13 Sep 2011, at 08:58, Victoria Herridge wrote:

> Possibly this... p.205 of Vista paperback,  when Maree is stitching up  
> Rob:
> 'I said to Maree, "This looks worse than your aunt's jumper."
>  She said, busy with tiny little stitchings, "Yes, I thought she'd cut  
> her breast off for a moment"'

> On 13 Sep 2011, at 07:40, Irina Rempt wrote:
>> On Tuesday 13 September 2011 04:52:59 Jenny Schwartzberg wrote:
>>> Which remark is that?  I remember her sweater was described as awful  
>>> but
>>> that it was offensive enough to be bowdlerized baffles me.
>> I think there was some mention of testicles. (Perhaps rabbit's  
>> testicles)
>>  Irina

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