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In Australia we have the Australian Breastfeeding Association (which used
to be called the Australian Nursing Mothers Association back when I was
breastfeeding my kids - we tend to call it 'breastfeeding' more often than
'nursing' here), which is fairly active and influential. I don't know if
we have La Leche here. My sister-in-law is an ABA counsellor, and pretty
active in the organisation though her kids are grown up.


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>On Wed, 7 Sep 2011 10:40:06 -0700, Helen Schinske wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 07 September 2011 08:59:38 estairm at yahoo.com wrote:
>>>> nursing twins is a mighty challenge.
>>> Not even the nursing itself (though it's definitely a full-time job)
>>> all
>>> the opposition from bystanders and professionals.
>>Seconded. The best I got from the hospital nurses was a doubtful "Well,
>>great that you're going to try." And that was with full-term twins who
>>just like any other average healthy newborns. In hindsight I had a lot
>>trouble nursing them than many women have with one baby.
>One interesting thing about living in Utah is that mothers are encouraged
>breastfeed--in some areas it's even expected, to the point that women who
>have to/choose to use a bottle are the ones who get pressure to conform.
>get all this information in the packet of stuff they pile on you before
>leave the hospital. Is La Leche League much of a presence elsewhere in the
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