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On Wednesday 07 September 2011 19:40:06 Helen Schinske wrote:

> Seconded. The best I got from the hospital nurses was a doubtful "Well,
> it's great that you're going to try." And that was with full-term twins
> who were just like any other average healthy newborns.  In hindsight I had
> a lot less trouble nursing them than many women have with one baby.

Mine were three weeks early, and smallish (one five pounds and a bit, the 
other just under five pounds) but otherwise perfectly healthy. The hospital 
advertised elaborately with "We're in favour of breastfeeding!" but apparently 
that didn't stretch to twins, perhaps because most mothers of twins have 
already been discouraged beforehand. I had the advantage that I'd already 
nursed my first for most of her first year, and I was positively flowing with 
milk that time, so I knew my body could produce enough if it only got the 

> (In the US, by the way,
> weaning means stopping breastfeeding, not introducing solid foods.)

Yes, that's how I understand it too. I kind of discouraged the eldest because 
she only wanted to nurse at 5am at 9 1/2 months; the elder twin kind of lost 
interest when she started to walk, just over 10 months (yes, that's very 
early; we had to go to another town for shoes because she had tiny feet), and 
then the milk ran out on the day the younger twin was 11 months, probably 
because there weren't two helping me produce any more. Anyway, they were 
pretty omnivorous by then.


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