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On Wed, 7 Sep 2011 10:40:06 -0700, Helen Schinske wrote:

>> On Wednesday 07 September 2011 08:59:38 estairm at yahoo.com wrote:
>>> nursing twins is a mighty challenge.
>> Not even the nursing itself (though it's definitely a full-time job) but 
>> all
>> the opposition from bystanders and professionals.
>Seconded. The best I got from the hospital nurses was a doubtful "Well, it's 
>great that you're going to try." And that was with full-term twins who were 
>just like any other average healthy newborns. In hindsight I had a lot less 
>trouble nursing them than many women have with one baby.
One interesting thing about living in Utah is that mothers are encouraged to
breastfeed--in some areas it's even expected, to the point that women who
have to/choose to use a bottle are the ones who get pressure to conform. You
get all this information in the packet of stuff they pile on you before you
leave the hospital. Is La Leche League much of a presence elsewhere in the

Melissa Proffitt

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