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>> nursing twins is a mighty challenge.
> Not even the nursing itself (though it's definitely a full-time job) but 
> all
> the opposition from bystanders and professionals.

Seconded. The best I got from the hospital nurses was a doubtful "Well, it's 
great that you're going to try." And that was with full-term twins who were 
just like any other average healthy newborns. In hindsight I had a lot less 
trouble nursing them than many women have with one baby.

I nursed them mostly at the same time, on a nursing pillow, which I could 
pretty soon manage hands-free once they were latched on. For some months I 
encouraged marathon nursing sessions as it was the only time I could read 
quietly and they were pretty sure not to cry. Eventually, of course, they 
started grabbing the book and being distracted.

Later on they nursed for much shorter stretches, and it really was not any 
more trouble doing that for them than anything else I did. I'm sorry now we 
didn't go longer, but at that time I had no notion of there being any 
special benefit to continuing after a year (we did fifteen months, as right 
around their first birthday was a super clingy time for them and it looked 
like a terrible time to try weaning). My son, four years younger, 
self-weaned at just short of two and a half. (In the US, by the way, weaning 
means stopping breastfeeding, not introducing solid foods.)

Helen Schinske 

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