[DWJ] Changeover availability

Meredith MacArdle meredithxyz at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 7 07:18:04 EDT 2011


Farah just asked me about an electronic version of Changeover. Well, I
have only a small pile of paper copies left, and after they are gone I
probablywon't reprint, but I was already planning to talk to Diana's
agent about making it available as an ebook. I see no reason why this
shouldn't happen, but it will take a littlle while. I'll keep you

If you want a paper Changeover you can order it through

If you want a cheaper version, I have got some that are slightly
damaged that i can't in good conscience sell at full price. The damage
is minimal -  creases or bends at the corners of the cover, and
probably no one would notice if I didn't tell them, but I would be
embarrassed sending them out.

I'll sell these for £6 (instead of £9.99) plus postage, which is:

UK £1.25 giving a total fo £7.25
Europe £2.40, total £8.40
Rest of the world, airmail, £4.10, total £10.10

If you would like these reduced price copies please order through
Paypayl and pay info at moondustbooks.biz. Maybe you could say in the
comment section what you want.

cheers, Meredith

Diana Wynne Jones fansite: http://www.leemac.freeserve.co.uk
Changeover and The Gods Within: http://www.moondustbooks.biz

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