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On Wednesday 07 September 2011 08:59:38 estairm at yahoo.com wrote:

> nursing twins is a mighty challenge. 

Not even the nursing itself (though it's definitely a full-time job) but all 
the opposition from bystanders and professionals. Starting in the hospital, 
when they were given a bottle because "that's what we do with five-pound 
babies". It took me a week to get them used to the breast when we were home, 
three days of which I spent in bed eating, nursing, sleeping and reading. Now 
the hospital has a lactation consultant, perhaps partly because I wrote them a 
very waspish letter once the hormones were no longer raging.

At the baby clinic it took all the power of me, two fierce daughters, and my 
best friend to convince a (female) pediatrician that "supplement with formula" 
wasn't a correct answer to my question "how do I get my milk up"-- this was a 
doctor who either didn't know that supplementing would make the milk go 
*down*, or didn't believe in nursing twins at all. (Women only have been doing 
it for millennia, so it's evidently impossible.)

Don't misunderstand me, formula is a great invention that saves babies' lives 
and mothers' sanity, but I was happy that we didn't need it.


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