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Wow, Melissa, 

That compiled list is both amazingly complete AND useful for this project.  Have you recognized your precognition abilities before this?


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>A few months back I compiled a chronological list of DWJ's works, including
>short stories, in case I wanted to do something like this. :) I think the
>list is complete, and I was able to track down year and month of publication
>for the novels and the stories--useful when you consider that _Eight Days of
>Luke_, _Cart and Cwidder_ and _Dogsbody_ all have original publication dates
>in 1975. Only five of the short stories haven't been included in one of the
>anthologies, and four of those are in relatively easy to find volumes. (As
>far as I can tell, "Mela Worms" has only been published the one time, in a
>1989 anthology called _Arrows of Eros_ that took some doing to track down
>So I do have the list, and I don't think it would be impossible to read
>everything in strict chronological order. But it might be easier for people
>to just read the anthologies as they come, particularly if we're talking
>about getting them from a public library.
>Melissa Proffitt
>On Wed, 7 Sep 2011 08:10:33 +0800, Kylie Ding wrote:
>>I'd like to include short stories, but how to handle them?  Some anthologies
>>were published in the US with slight changes to UK anthologies, so there'd
>>be a lot of duplicates if we went by volumes of short stories.  Some stories
>>were never published in her collections.  
>>Maybe we could read the anthologies in order and count the duplicates as an
>>easy month.  And for those who have access to the uncollected short stories
>>we could slot them in in order as an added bonus for that month.
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