[DWJ] An ambitious project

Deborah Meghnagi Bailey deborah at brightweavings.com
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And I'm in Israel and don't have Changeover either. I've checked abebooks
and bookdepository and amazon.co.uk Bookdepository doesn't have it, amazon
uk also says currently unavailable, and the cheapest copy on abebooks is
$60! I just tried amazon.com and they had one secondhand copy for a more
reasonable $22.50 so I grabbed it. Can't remember the last time I ordered a
book to me here from amazon - I use bookdepository now because it's free
shipping. Anyway, I've ordered it but it does say between 3 to 6 weeks for
shipping - so I hope I'll be able to join in on October's read.

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I don't have 'Changeover' either and I'm in NYC where it is much harder to 
get a copy.  Is there an e-version?

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If your baby is like mine you will find that total seriously drops when you
hit the crawling stage!

How about we start reading on the 1st of October to allow people who don't
have a copy of Changeover to get hold of one?


> So without counting short stories, and doing one book a month, that
> would
> take about 3 years, based on a quick count. Too long? And I've never
> found
> a copy of Changeover.
> I'd be in anyway, as I'm currently averaging a book every other day,
> because of how much time I spend sitting on the couch, nursing my
> 3-week-old baby. :^)

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