[DWJ] Thimble Summer

Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Sat Oct 22 05:02:54 EDT 2011

Anyone got this book in the Puffin edition and can send me a scan of pages 
53-54? The copy I bought for 25 cents is missing half a page. It's the text 
between "The fellow had unhitched the team in the barn" and "'Just a minute,' 
said Garnet's father", as well as between "'All right, all right,' said Mr 
Freebody" and "he who had always thought three meals a day about half as many 
as a person needed."

I remember having this in Dutch translation as a kid (De zomer van de 
vingerhoed), but either my memory is faulty or it's been translated very 
rigorously --I suspect the latter-- because I don't remember half the events 
or any of the names, except Timmy (the pig). 

   (and I wish I'd made an effort to acquire a copy of Changeover, because I 
do *so* want to be in on the discussion. Well, next time.)

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