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Dear Shana,

Uh oh - I have a dilemma.   Can't use paypal and can't get checks in pound 
sterling, only in US$.  Could I please arrange to get a copy of DWJ Vector 
from a group member who I pay in US $ and they pay for me in the accepted 
methods?  Then they send me my issue third hand.

Thanks so much,
Amy Harlib in NYC

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Martin tells me you can go ahead and order the DWJ Vector issue from him 
now, and he'll send them out in a few weeks when it's printed. That way you 
can be sure you'll have a copy of it.

The price is £4.00 plus £2.00 p&p. (total US$9.50 or €7.00).

You can pay via paypal to administrator at jameswhiteaward.net or send a cheque 
(pounds sterling only) to Vector c/o Martin McGrath, 48 Spooners Drive, Park 
Street, St Albans AL2 2HL UK.

If you would like a pdf version they can bought for £4.00 ($6.50 or €5.00) - 
but it won't be available until after the mailing reaches members.

In addition to the DWJ articles
An Excerpt from a Conversation With Diana Wynne Jones - Charlie Butler
Translating Diana Wynne Jones - Gili Bar-Hillel Semo
Diana Wynne Jones in the Context of Children’s Fantasy - Jessica Yates
The Mistress of Magic - Meredith MacArdle
On Screen: Two Filmed Versions of Books by Diana Wynne Jones - Gill Othen
Diana Wynne Jones: A BSFA Discussion - Farah Mendlesohn & Charlie Butler, 
transcribed by Shana Worthen

In addition the issue contains
Infertility in Science Fiction as a Consequence of Warfare - Victor Grech 
with Clare Thake-Vassallo and Ivan Callus; regular columns by Stephen 
Baxter, Paul Kincaid, Andy Sawyer, and Terry Martin; and the BSFA Review, 
the book review section.

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