[DWJ] Diana Wynne Jones mini-con in Tel Aviv, October 17

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Sat Oct 8 16:14:44 EDT 2011

> Deborah wrote:
> Ps Graff publishing is your baby... isn't that with Rani? And don't you
> publish some of GGK's novels here?

Rani Graff founded and owns Graff publishing (hence the name), I have a
partnership with him for the YA books. GGK's novels in Hebrew (Guy Gavriel
Kay, to the uninitiated) have all been published by Opus up to now, but Rani
does have a personal relationship with Guy ever since his visit to Israel.
In fact we should be meeting Guy at the end of this month, at the World
Fantasy Convention in San Diego, if there's anything you'd like to pass

Shana tova, khatima tova, happy Succot! I am off to a week long vacation in
a few hours and may not be able to check my mail, just now when the list has
perked up a bit; I'll catch up when I get back.


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