[DWJ] Diana Wynne Jones mini-con in Tel Aviv, October 17

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I didn't know that Icon had had a split... I'm sorry to hear that.

Thanks, Gili, for giving us the details. If my Hebrew was better I would
definitely consider coming... as it is, with family obligations over succot
plus travel from Jerusalem, I don't think I'll make these since I wouldn't
get enough out of them. And yes, I know, my Hebrew should be better after 15
years in the country!

Shana Tova (Happy New Year) :-)


Ps Graff publishing is your baby... isn't that with Rani? And don't you
publish some of GGK's novels here?

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I know there are at least two additional list members in Israel, and thought
the rest of you might like to know, there will be several events in memory
of Diana Wynne Jones during the Icon SF conventions in Tel Aviv this Succoth

Icon was once the major Israeli SF convention, held every fall. Last year
there was a big break in the SF community in Israel and there are now,
ridiculously, two conventions running parallel, both called Icon (there is
an ongoing legal dispute over ownership of the name). Back in April I was
approached by both conventions to suggest and/or organise events in memory
of Diana. For personal reasons, and also because I don't want to take sides
in the whole Icon dispute, I turned down both conventions. Up to then I had
been the go-to person for anything Diana Wynne Jones related at Israeli
conventions, trying to spread the word about my favorite author since before
anyone had heard about her in this country. I know there was disappointment
when I refused to be involved this year, but one of the results was that
other people were found to pick up the DWJ torch, and this makes me very,
very happy. It's good to have visible evidence of the growing DWJ fanbase in
Israel. In the end I will be participating in the concluding panel, though
my name is not in the program.

Here are event details:

Monday, October 17,

Damian Hoffman, "Improbable Heroes: The Worlds of Diana Wynne Jones" (full
event details in Hebrew, here:

Workshop: Modelling Howl's Moving Castle in Plasticine, with Rotem Baruchin
(the link is in Hebrew but worth hitting for the picture!

Dr. Dafna Kirsch (M.D.), "Diana Wynne Jones: the Legacy" (full event details
in Hebrew here

Panel: "Children, Grownups, and other Fantastical Creatures"
Moderated by Ehud Maimon, with with Rotem Baruchin, Nadav Miller-Almog,
Inbal Saggiv-Nakdimon and myself (uncredited) (details:

All these events will be held as part of the Icon festival, full website:
http://www.iconfestival.org.il. There is a second convention, Icon TLV,
which does not have any specific Diana Wynne Jones content but many other
interesting events, including several events with GOH Robert Charles Wilson.
The website for Icon TLV is: http://www.icon.org.il/2011/ . Graff Publishing
(my baby) is a sponsor of both Icons.
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