[DWJ] Which syllable do you stress in "Chrestmanci"?

A.M. Winslow debrisoftheages at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 7 05:12:30 EDT 2011

I believe Chrestomanci is Greek not Italian. "-mancy" is Greek, meaning "divination." (but frequently used to merely mean "magic" nowadays). 
Chrisimos means "useful", as Martha indicated.(Necromancy is death+divination -- the magic wherein you call up dead people and ask them things; Susanna Clarke's "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" is one of the few places in modern literature you can find this -- but it's been around for a while.  In the Old Testament, King Saul tried to use necromancy in 
1 Samuel 28.)So I pronounced it 'CHREST-o-MAN-ci -- with the primary emphasis on the first syllable and the seconday emphasis on the third.  I seem to remember in the front of my Chrestomanci books DWJ putting a pronunciation guide -- but at the moment, all said books are five thousand miles away.  How helpful.
(I always pronounced 
Arithmancy with the emphasis on the second syllable -- aRITHmancy -- with a minor secondary emphasis on the third syllable)

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