[DWJ] In search of articles about Diana Wynne Jones

Katja K katja_moon93 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 4 17:25:21 EDT 2011

Hi! I never really posted a comment in the DWJ digest but I have been following it for quite a while :) A short introduction about myself. I'm Katja a sixth grade student (last year of "high" school)  from the Netherlands (which hopefully will pardon all my grammatical mistakes, writing has never been one of my best parts).

I'm asking for your help because for the subject English we have a "verbal" examination (I don't now how to put that correctly in English) which means that we have to talk for twenty minutes (in English ;)) about three articles. All the articles have to be about one subject which you can chose yourself.
I'm a really big fan of Diana Wynne Jones so of course that is what I will be talking about. I was looking for articles and because of the her recent death there are a lot "bibliographic" ones and also some about fantasy in general/Harry Potter where she is named or referred to (like: when harry met sexism and science fiction can only hint at god from the guardian).
So I was wondering if there are more articles like that only where Diana plays a bigger role than just be named? I hope you can help me because in my search for critical articles I only found some about Harry potter where Diana only is named and not really discussed.. 
Thank you in advance!


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