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Sounds like a fitting commemoration.  Too bad I could never afford to be 
there from far away across 'The Pond'.

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On Sunday 2nd October 2011 at midday, Diana Wynne Jones's ashes were
scattered into the Severn at high tide, as she had requested should be

On Sunday April 22nd 2012 at St George's Brandon Hill an event is
going to be held in the afternoon to commemorate and celebrate Diana
Wynne Jones as a much-loved and splendid person.  (We have to be
careful not to say "memorial", because it is a retired church and they
are very edgy about any religiosity.) St George's is a place Diana knew
and liked, on a green hill near her home; those who listen to lunch-time
concerts on the BBC may recognise the name.

There is a hope that we may manage to get permission to show bits of
Diana's work which have been filmed, and to persuade people who have
known her well or for years to give short talks (three or four minutes,
perhaps) including memories of her which they cherish, as for instance
her agent Laura Cecil speaking about what it was like to work with
Diana, and perhaps one or two of her editors; other than that, it
will be an opportunity for those who knew and valued her and her work
to meet and talk together and remember her with love.

I don't know what the official capacity of the place is; I think we can
probably say with reasonable safety that this is an event that is open
to people in general, so long as it doesn't get turned into too much
of a Major Thing.  As it gets nearer the time and we have a better idea
what can and can't be done, I'll try to keep everyone posted about what
has been suggested and decided.

That's all, really, at the moment.

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