[DWJ] Which syllable do you stress in "Chrestomanci"?

Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Tue Oct 4 12:40:21 EDT 2011

On Tuesday 04 October 2011 18:38:29 Ellen Willcox wrote:
> I'm American - not from New England, though much of my family is, and my
> accent is a bit muddled from living with them but in Virginia and North
> Carolina - and I've always said CHRES-tomanci.  Am I seriously the only one
> besides this reviewer?
> That makes me wonder:  those of you who read Harry Potter, how do you
> pronounce the Hogwarts school subject "Arithmancy"?  I put the emphasis on
> the first syllable again; I'm curious whether anyone does it differently.

a-RITH-mancy, because of 'arithmetic'.

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