[DWJ] Which syllable do you stress in "Chrestomanci"?

Thomas Thurman thomas at thurman.org.uk
Tue Oct 4 11:00:28 EDT 2011

On 4 October 2011 15:51, Eleanor Joslin <eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk> wrote:
> Yes.  Part of why I have never much liked it as a name is that he and his
> predecessors aren't Italian, and he doesn't have any particular connection
> with Italy (in The Magicians of Caprona he's a foreigner) and so I don't
> think it makes sense for him to have a name that looks Italian, especially
> when it really isn't.  Or is it?

Goodness, I had never even considered that the name might be Italian.
Since I was a kid I'd always assumed it was taken from χρήστο chresto-
(from χρήσιμος "useful", as in "chrestomathy") and μάντις mantis
"soothsayer, prophet", thus "useful magician". I'm just guessing, of
course. Did DWJ pronounce on the matter anywhere?

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