[DWJ] Which syllable do you stress in "Chrestomanci"?

Eleanor Joslin eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk
Tue Oct 4 10:42:36 EDT 2011

On 04/10/11 14:24, Thomas Thurman wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 04, 2011 at 03:08:32PM +0200, Irina Rempt wrote:
>> Thomas Thurman wrote:
>>> This reviewer says "CHRES-tomanci". I've always pronounced it
>>> "Chresto-MAN-ci". Am I alone?
>> Doesn't Estelle have "krest-oh-MAN-zee" on her slip of paper in Witch Week?
>> Can't get at the book quickly now, but I'm practically sure because it taught
>> me how to pronounce it.
> I don't have my copy to hand, but searching on Google Books shows that the
> 2000 Collins edition has the name written in all capitals: http://imgur.com/pYEOx

So does the earlier Mammoth/whatever edition (with Nan flying a 
broomstick on the cover).

I pronounce it the same way as Thomas.  I can think of two possible 
reasons why the video is different.

1) The speaker is following the pattern of words like "necromancy".

2) The speaker is American (maybe - I am at work and have no sound on my 
PC so I can't watch the video right now) and stressing the first 
syllable of long words is a common pattern in American speech where a 
British speaker would stress a different syllable.  Is that right?  I 
can't think of examples, but I'm sure I have noticed it.

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