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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 04:38:04 EST 2011

Sorry, last message was meant to be in reply to Gili's question about the
magic and music story.

Here's the link to the message where you might have read it:


On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 9:31 AM, Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at gmail.com>wrote:

> The story about magic and music was in that little publicity booklet
> HarperCollins put out in 2000, called "Enter the Worlds of Chrestomanci".
> There's an extract from *Charmed Life* and an interview with DWJ, though
> it doesn't say who did the interviewing. I grabbed many copies when they
> were in bookshops, and might even have written that story up -- will check
> the archives.
> Hallie
> On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 4:51 PM, Gili Bar-Hillel <
> gbhillel at netvision.net.il> wrote:
>> And Fire and Hemlock, no doubt. There's a wonderful story ABOUT DWJ, don't
>> remember where I read it. From my memory: she was on a panel about music
>> and magic at some convention, and was getting increasingly annoyed by what
>> her fellow panelists were saying. So finally she got up and said, "magic
>> and music are like THIS!" and snapped her fingers. At which point, due
>> allegedly to some technical glitch, Beethoven's fifth started pumping in
>> through the speakers. But of course it was no glitch, we all know DWJ was
>> really a witch. Can anyone confirm this anecdote, or refer me to where I
>> may have read it?

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