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Gili Bar-Hillel <gbhillel at netvision.net.il> wrote:

> And Fire and Hemlock, no doubt. There's a wonderful story ABOUT DWJ,
> don't remember where I read it. From my memory: she was on a panel
> about music and magic at some convention, and was getting
> increasingly annoyed by what her fellow panelists were saying. So
> finally she got up and said, "magic and music are like THIS!" and
> snapped her fingers. At which point, due allegedly to some technical
> glitch, Beethoven's fifth started pumping in through the speakers.
> But of course it was no glitch, we all know DWJ was really a witch.
> Can anyone confirm this anecdote, or refer me to where I may have
> read it?

She, or even I, may have told it to you, Gili.

I certainly remember her telling me this story, about a Marion Zimmer
Bradley convention I think, at which there were three microphones for a
panel with four people in it and whenever she started to say something
someone else took the microphone and used it instead, until she lost
patience and seized it in a grip of iron and said her piece.

I can't remember what exact hand-gesture she made, though I thought it
was putting her fingers into a crossed-over tent shape to show that
they were utterly united, and I can't remember what the music was; I do
remember that she said they had to turn the whole system off to stop
it, and that the people in the front row who had all been knitting
while this was going on stopped knitting and *looked* at her, ominously.

She also claimed that for the rest of that signing tour in the States,
a thunderstorm followed her around, and an aeroplane she was
travelling in got struck by lightning twice.

She also claimed to be tone deaf and unable to sing a note in tune, but
I did prove her wrong once or twice by starting to sing rousing songs
in her presence; when she joined in, as inevitably she did, she was
perfectly in tune and well on every note.  In any case, someone who is
tone deaf doesn't learn to play the cello!  She just believed it when
her mother told her she couldn't sing, years ago.  But perhaps that was
why she felt so strongly that music and magic were allied.


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