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> Hello all,
> I'm writing a nice long project for uni on the topic of words and
> music, with an intent to focus on DWJ and how she uses music to create
> magic (I'm currently going to write on Cart and Cwidder, Fire and
> Hemlock, and the Magicians of Caprona).  Does anyone have any
> suggestions as to where else I could go?  My tutor said that writing
> on one author was 'safe', especially since he has no idea what I'm
> writing on, and I'm worried I should be branch out into the general
> realms of kid lit.
> Any thoughts on other kid lit or DWJ books I'm not dealing with which
> could be interesting on the topic of music?

Not strictly speaking kid lit, but suitable for fantasy-reading

There is a largish body of fantasy for older readers (as though DWJ
wasn't!) which has magic-through-music as a theme: Mercedes Lackey
wrote a fair bit, for instance.  (All those Bards.)

Writing at about the same time as DWJ, there are the Dragonsong
Dragonsinger series of Pern books by Anne McCaffrey (RIP) in which the
power of song is emphasised a lot.  The whole "teaching ballads"
business ran through the first six or eight Pern books.

You could have a look at the work of Charles de Lint, who
was somewhat influenced by DWJ's writing (and I suspect would willingly
say this if asked: they got on well).  All my books are in boxes at the
moment because of rewiring, but I think that the earlier books have a
fair amunt -- possibly Moonheart?  And quite a lot of the later work in
his invented city, too.

I don't know whether any of this is any use, but those are all things I
know she had read so they are not entirely unconnected with her.


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