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> would be easier to get a mainstream novel published?  I'm also curious as
> to
> what people think of it as a book.  I didn't think it was very good, but
> that could be because that's not a genre I read much of.  I think DWJ's
> fantasy works are much better, and I'm surprised she found a publisher for
> Changeover rather than her early fantasy work if she had finished
> manuscripts for any of those that she was also trying to get published.
> I guess I'll be the first to admit it - I actually quite like *Changeover*,
but I do feel like it's something of a guilty pleasure.  Nonetheless,
despite its obvious flaws, it's something that it just cheers me up to read
every time I read it.  I think the writing style is obviously DWJ's, even
if undeveloped, and I really enjoy chapter 23, which I find hilarious.  I
even feel like the scene of Simon Aweyo's dream in that chapter where he
remembers Roger Clarke-Challenger is in a way an early hint to DWJ's
ability to mix humor with genuine numinous scenes, even if the focus is
clearly on the humor here.  I think the book just fits my sense of humor,
which makes sense to me, since I started loving DWJ early enough in my life
that she could easily have been a major influence on my taste in humor.  I
also admit to thinking that she does a good job of making Sgoya attractive

> Byeeee,
> Kylie

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