[DWJ] Rivers of London

Robert at steelbeach.co.uk Robert at steelbeach.co.uk
Sun Nov 6 19:44:31 EST 2011

On Mon 07/11/11 00:22 , "Sally Odgers" <sally at sallyodgers.com> wrote:

> Has anyone read the book called Rivers of London? SOunds somewhat
> DWJish. 

I've read it and the sequel. It's perhaps more China Mievilleish (though more lighthearted - lots of good jokes*) than DWJish. It's a mix of "magic realism" (or urban fantasy) and police procedural with a small amount of "learning magic".  Oh, and Jazz and hiddenLondon stuff, too.

I liked them, but I'm well-disposed towards light-hearted + urban fantasy + police procedural. I think there are a couple of elements that don't work as well as they might, but they're fun and different enough. (I'm not sure about "original", mind. But the mix is unusual).


*If you have a sense of humour like mine.

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