[DWJ] OT: Steampunk

Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Thu May 26 05:52:47 EDT 2011

lizzie wrote:
> I was wondering if you could help me out with some recommendations for
> steampunk books.  I got my boyfriend to read the first two books in Scott
> Westerfeild's Leviathan trilogy, and he really liked them, and was
> interested in more, but it's not a genre I've had a lot of experience with.

I don't read tons of steampunk (I think Larklight may be the most recent one), but 
I was quite interested when tor.com focussed on it a couple of times- the first link 
points to some blogs that review a lot of it, and the second one has some book 
exerpts and reviews.

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