[DWJ] Living in Other Series

A.M. Winslow debrisoftheages at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 25 14:25:55 EDT 2011

Millie does have powerful magic, I'll agree -- but I still don't think it's as powerful as Christopher's.  And don't forget, Gwendolyn managed to use and strip lives from Cat -- and she's only a witch!  
On nine-lived enchanters -- my impression is that to become so, they're doubles had to die pretty much at birth (sort of like, people are only considered orphans if their parents die when they're children; people who are fifty or sixty and have two dead parents aren't generally called orphans).  Perhaps lives work like that: when one is a tiny baby, one's body is somehow flexible enough that it can absorb new lives, but it gets more difficult as one gets older. 
Then I think about that story with Neville Spiderman -- and his soul-beans.  The babies ate them easily, no problem -- but if Spiderman could do that, why wouldn't he have eaten them while he got them?  Unless they were like asprin -- or like Willy Wonka's Wonkavite, or whatever that de-ager was called -- and had to be taken all at once.
But still, I think I'll stick with there being something special about babies dying at (or, I suppose, very near) birth which allows their counterparts to get their lives.  I also seem to remember something about other enchanters who have multiple lives, just not nine of them -- three or seven or something -- which made them less powerful than nine-lived enchanters.

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