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Ulrika Isacsson ulrikamc at gmail.com
Wed May 25 06:08:00 EDT 2011

Esther said:
2011/5/25  <estairm at yahoo.com>:
> Getting into theories about this series of worlds -- maybe the Chrestomancis are
> mostly (or all) male because boys' mortality is higher?  As far as I understand,
> male fetuses are miscarried more often than female, male infants die more often
> than female -- didn't Janet say something about a baby brother that died?  (Too
> long since I've read Charmed Live, but my daughter and I read our copy to
> pieces.)

And Charlie said:
2011/5/25 Charlie Butler <charles.hannibal at gmail.com>:
> Esther, that's a very ingenious argument! But surely - and I may be
> misremembering here - the thing about being a nine-lived enchanter isn't
> that all your equivalents in the other worlds died (in which case many
> people would presumably *become* nine-lived enchanters as they grew older
> and their equivalents in other worlds dropped off their perches), but that
> for some reason they were never born?

I just want to chime in and say that I have always regarded that baby
brother of Janet's as the Cat of her world... but now I'll have to dig
up my books when I get home to see how one of the Chrestomanci's
explain themselves. Might also make a difference if the baby was very
young when he was born.


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