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It makes you wonder whether Bach or Einstein would have been enchanters, had
they been born in a different world...

And I think the emphasis on Britain was probably simply due to Diana knowing
England very well. She does include other countries in some books (Magicians
of Caprona, the Merlin Conspiracy), but they usually only have minor
appearances. I agree that Chrestomanci shouldn't be tied down to any

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> On 25/05/11 07:30, Alina wrote:
>> It never occurred to me before, but you're right, I can't remember any
>> Chrestomanci being female. Interesting. There are plenty of powerful
>> females
>> in DWJ's books, but often they're the villains.
> It occurred to me, to the point of imagining (but not writing) a fanfic
> about a nine-lifed girl in Chrestomanci's world, whose powers turned up when
> Cat was looking for a successor, but who could not get accepted as the next
> Chrestomanci due to her gender.  I abandoned it when I realised how unlike a
> DWJ story it would be -- in her stories, such prejudices either cease to
> matter by the end or they are never drawn attention to in the first place.
> I always thought of the sexism in that world as belonging more to the
> setting than to Diana's wishes, and I wondered how well Janet would cope
> with it when she grew up.  What I do blame Diana for, though, is how
> England-centric everything is.  Has there ever been a foreign Chrestomanci?
>  Gabriel de Witt's name doesn't sound English, but he comes across as
> English as a character, even when we meet him as a young boy.  Why does
> Chrestomanci work for the British Government as opposed to some
> international body, if his jurisdiction is worldwide (and wider)?
> I also wondered what would happen if a nine-lifed person was born in one of
> the other worlds in the series.  Could he/she become Chrestomanci there, or
> would he/she have to migrate to World A?  Or would he/she simply get
> overlooked?  Would a nine-lifed person in our world be an enchanter at all,
> or would they (as suggested in Witch Week) instead have a fierce talent for
> something else?
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