[DWJ] Living in other series

Kyra Jucovy arykiy at gmail.com
Wed May 25 05:05:52 EDT 2011

The issue of female Chrestomancis actually came up on the questions for DWJ
at one point (http://www.leemac.freeserve.co.uk/answerslast3.htm), and her
answer was:  "You wanted to know whether there has ever been a female
Chrestomanci, and the answer is no, not yet, not in that world. It is a much
more old fashioned world than ours and Chrestomanci is a government
appointment. No government in that world would give the post to a woman.
Pure prejudice, because I am sure there are female nine-lifed enchanters
too. However there must come a day when a female is the only enchanter
available - nine-lifed enchanters are very rare - and then the government
would be forced to appoint her. Females can be enchanters. The Goddess is
one. One of the staff in Chrestomanci castle is a sorceress. And I think you
get female wizards too. "

Also, just to weigh into the other issue based on this particular bit of
extra-textual evidence - the implication seems to be that DWJ didn't see
Millie as a nine-lifed enchanter.  "I am sure there are female nine-lifed
enchanters too" doesn't seem like they way you'd put it if you actually had
an example of a nine-lifed enchanter to point to, and the implication of
"nine-lifed enchanters are very rare" seems to be that the Government might
pick a non-nine-lifed enchantress, like Millie, but only if there are no
actual nine-lifed enchanters available.


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