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Esther, that's a very ingenious argument! But surely - and I may be
misremembering here - the thing about being a nine-lived enchanter isn't
that all your equivalents in the other worlds died (in which case many
people would presumably *become* nine-lived enchanters as they grew older
and their equivalents in other worlds dropped off their perches), but that
for some reason they were never born? I'm not sure what the status of deaths
*in utero* would be. Had DWJ been Catholic I assume they would fall into the
same category as other kinds, but as things stand it's a nice theological


On 25 May 2011 08:35, <estairm at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Getting into theories about this series of worlds -- maybe the
> Chrestomancis are
> mostly (or all) male because boys' mortality is higher?  As far as I
> understand,
> male fetuses are miscarried more often than female, male infants die more
> often
> than female -- didn't Janet say something about a baby brother that died?
>  (Too
> long since I've read Charmed Live, but my daughter and I read our copy to
> pieces.)
> So, it would be more likely that a nine-lifed enchanter would be male.

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