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Farah Mendlesohn farah.sf at gmail.com
Wed May 25 02:03:58 EDT 2011

> I think you're right--Millie gets to stay because she's "dead" in her home
> world, or paid for with a life.

I've gone back and looked: Millie does not pay her passage with a life. She
pays for her release *from Asheth* with a life, as her predecessors
did--only it turns out they usually give a life from one of the Temple cats
(cue Throgmorton fleeing). And crucially, Millie lies: she claims that she
used Asheth's life as her second to travel, but it turns out that she used
one of Christopher's.

Millie stole the life of a Nine Lifed Enchanter!

But we've already discovered this was  not the facilitator of travel anyway.

"My dear girl," [Gabriel] said as he sipped it [the cup of tea] "what a very
foolish thing to have done! You are clearly a very powerful enchantress in
your own right. You had no need to use Asheth."

And a little later: "Asheth has powers, but she never shares them. The ones
you have are yours."

1. Millie can strip a nine lifed enchanter of his life
2. Millie can travel in full body to another world.
3. She is easily Christopher's equal.

So:  why exactly is she not likely to be a nine lifed enchanter? Well, I'd
say it's because we are all accepting the intrinsic sexism of the world
(and, I'm sad to say, Diana in 1988) in which Millie can't be the next
Chrestomanci, because the unspoken qualification is to be male.

 Christopher needs her magic to defeat the Dright.

Which then links to the Tacroy issue.

We are told in Charmed Life that a nine lifed enchanter has all the powers
that would have been spread across the nine lives. This suggests that in a
series with thirteen worlds you'd have 13 lived enchanters with the powers
spread among thirteen compressed into one, or in a five world series, five
lived enchanters with the powers of those five people compressed into one.

The thing about series 11 is that it is a place that has not been able to
split. If we follow the logic, then people are enormously powerful because
their power has never been spread across a series *but* they probably have
only one life.

On to Tacroy.

We know spirit travelling is rare and that he is the best there is. We also
know that part of him is kept elsewhere. That part is kept in his home
world, and his Self is owned by the Dright who uses his magic.

So here's my theory: Christopher is more solid in travelling becausee 8/9ths
(or by the end 3/4s) travels, whereas for Tacroy, partially enslaved, it may
be no more than half.

Tacroy is not nine lived because his series never split, and he is not as
powerful as Christopher during the period of the book because his power is
held by the Dright. After that? I'd say all bets are off.  Although my
memory is that he does die before Rosalie.

Gosh this is fun.


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