[DWJ] Living in other series

jodel at aol.com jodel at aol.com
Tue May 24 13:57:46 EDT 2011

Plus, Millie is not a 9-lived enchantress either. We're never told 
that. She's an enchantress, where Gwendolin is just a witch, but I 
think the issue is that her "life" in series whatever was paid for, by 
another life, which broke any ties to her point of origin. Conrad 
didn't pay a life to go to Chrestomancy Castle to study, consequently 
he was still tied to series 7.

I think the High Priestess had been stripping lifes off the temple cats 
and sending the living Asheths off to other worlds for decades. They 
were all accounted "dead" by their home world, and probably *couldn't* 
go back.

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