[DWJ] Living in other series

Farah Mendlesohn farah.sf at gmail.com
Mon May 23 15:19:37 EDT 2011

> We have several instances in the other books of people from other Series or
> worlds going to live in another world permanently without apparent
> ill-effect--Millie is a prime example, and there are also Janet, Tacroy,
> Gwendolen, and possibly others I may have forgotten. Any thoughts as to why
> DWJ wrote this in CF? It wasn't even a necessary plot point, really, since
> Conrad could have gone back to Series Seven for some other reason. Did we
> ever hear anything like this in other Chrestomanci books, and I'm just
> forgetting?
> My theory.

Millie is a nine lifed goddess and her place in the world is paid for by the
High Priestess (it's supposed to be with a life off a cat, but Gabriel de
Witt offers one of his own, in gratitude, instead).

Gwendolen (with the help of Cat, who wants to get rid of her) seals herself
in to her new world with dragon's blood, and that fixes all the others. For
Conrad to do the same he'd have to shift his other selves around from world
to world.

Tacroy is unusual because he comes from a whole different series and one
that hasn't split. This means that he is a nine lifed enchanter equivalent,
and has the same level of power as Gabriel,  Cat and Christopher.


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