[DWJ] News from the archive - The Spellcoats

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Fri May 20 14:08:21 EDT 2011

This is really interesting information!

And actually I can see it coming together like that, given what we've 
been told -- quite a long time ago now -- as to how Spellcoats was 
originally intended as a prologue to the third Dalemark book, before 
DWJ finally spun it off into a novel of its own. A couple of false 
starts is perfectly in keeping with having part of your project turn 
out to be too big for the box you had intended to put it in.

Nor am I surprised to learn that the story was originally designed to 
have a male protagonist. My copy of Spellcoats shows a copyright date 
of 1979. At that point nearly *all* of Jones's work had either male 
protagonists or male PoV characters. The girls were a good deal more 
than background decoration. In some cases being quicker to grasp what 
was going on than the PoV character, but she didn't come right out and 
give us a female protagonist (let alone a female Hero) until rather 

One didn't in those days. Not if one intended the book to be read by 
male readers. And as a mother of sons, Jones was very definitely 
writing for male readers, thank you very much.

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