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Hannah Green hannah.green at sevenstories.org.uk
Wed May 11 05:06:08 EDT 2011

As everyone has been so lovely and welcoming, here are a few more titbits from Diana's archive, in the form of a few limericks written by Diana, aged 14

"A late deceased model of Delft,
Desired to be slim as an elf:
So she tried on the quiet
The effects of a diet,
And her stomach digested itself!"

"Our right reverend vicar, named Jack,
Is Red, though his raiment is black;
To him, Chapel's taboo,
And so, Liberal, are you;
If a Tory, you'll just see his back!"

And a short poem, entitled A Writer's Difficulty:

"When you've discovered your idea's been thought of by Shaw,
You're sure to find Shakespeare has said it before;
If a few paltry symbols and word-forms remain,
Modernists have used them again and again.
Say it in 'free-verse', in prose or in rhyme,
It's been said better by someone at some other time.
(Including this)"

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