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Deborah Meghnagi Bailey deborah at brightweavings.com
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Even the little tidbits you have posted so far are thrilling! Thank you so
much for offering this, and welcome!

On a different note, I started reading the Dalemark Quartet this weekend.
For some reason when I tried them as a teenager they were the only DWJ books
I couldn't get into. Almost twenty years later, they're great! I'm about 3/4
the way through Drowned Ammet now.

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We would certainly hope to do some digitisation and make images available
via our website, once the collection has been catalogued.  I'll certainly
keep the list informed as and when images of material become available.

I've just been reading a few exercise books which Diana kept as a child.
Two of these, both inscribed on the front cover 'Private Literary
Convulsions', contain essays and other compositions written when she was 14
and 15 years old.  She does appear to have been frighteningly clever
(certainly a lot cleverer than I was at 14!), and engaged in musings
somewhat beyond her years - a brief play, entitled 'Two Shades of Grey',
features 'Jo' and 'Loo' (nicknames, in transpires, for Jehovah and Lucifer),
debating whether or not to wipe out the human race, given the mess they've
made of everything, and start all over again!

There's also an essay entitled 'Juvenile difficulties', written aged 15,
which begins: "I want to be a writer, and to all intents and purposes I am;
yet I sometimes feel beset by quite as many difficulties as the courageous
souls who rant round the pages of any history book.  My difficulties are, in
the main, absurdly trivial but unfortunately persistent in their reality."

Her humour, intelligence and insight, and her fluid, easy style are all
abundantly evident.  And it all makes for a very entertaining afternoon's

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On Tue, 10 May 2011, Hannah Green wrote:

> I am now about to start the process of cataloguing Diana's archive, and
wondered if list members might like to be kept informed of progress as I

Hannah, as an archivist, I am double thrilled to hear about this.  Will you
be digitizing any of the materials?



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