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Judith Ridge judith.ridge at gmail.com
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On 10 May 2011 21:56, Hannah Green <hannah.green at sevenstories.org.uk> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm new to the list (hope this posting works!), and just wanted to
> introduce myself, not only as a longtime fan of Diana's books but also as
> the archivist at Seven Stories, the Centre for Children's Books in
> Newcastle.  List members may be aware that Seven Stories acquired Diana's
> extensive archive last year, only a few months before she died, and I was
> privileged to meet her when we collected the archive from her home in
> Bristol.
> I am now about to start the process of cataloguing Diana's archive, and
> wondered if list members might like to be kept informed of progress as I
> work?  As I say, it's an extensive archive, including some juvenilia,
> material relating to over 30 of her published titles, and a significant
> quantity of material for unpublished works, so the process of cataloguing
> will take quite some time.  I am more than happy to share interesting
> discoveries as and when I make them with the list, if that is something
> members would be interested in.
> The collection will, of course, be available to the public once cataloguing
> has been completed, and we welcome anyone who wants to come and explore for
> themselves!
> Best wishes,
> Hannah

I'm sure I won't be the only person who would be delighted to hear about the
cataloguing of Diana's archive. Welcome, Hannah.


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