[DWJ] The Terrible Fisk Machine (was: Question about DWJ Kirkus article)

Charlie Butler charles.hannibal at gmail.com
Thu May 5 17:40:29 EDT 2011

Fascinating stuff, Joe! That's some great material you've dug up there.

The only name I immediately recognized was that of David Troughton, who's a
fairly well-known actor (as well as being the son of the second Doctor
Who). Matyelok Gibbs, a quick look at IMDB reveals, was last seen playing
Aunt Muriel Weasley in Harry Potter VII (Part 1)...

The description of the people miniaturized by the terrible Miss Fisk made me
think immediately of the way in which the children are trapped in the hut by
Biddy Iremonger towards the end of *Wilkins' Tooth*, but it would be
marvellous to learn more about about that play and the others.


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