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That was fascinating and beautiful to read, Judith. Wonderful not just that
DWJ changed your life, but that in doing so, enabled you to go on to change
so many others, I'm quite sure.

I think one of the reasons I loved Witch Week so much was that I was bullied
at school and it was the most perfect depiction of the nastiness and
ordinariness of bullies. And it gave us the interior worlds of the bullied,
who really, were just so much the better people.

This isn't directly related to DWJ, but I have the vaguest of memories...I
must have been five, I think, at school, and up till then all they had given
us to 'learn' to read (and I already knew how) were those awful Peter and
Jane books. It was so boring! And I don't remember what book I picked up, or
was handed to me...all I know was that it was *interesting*! It took me
away! It was a story, not just a boy throwing a ball to a dog. I still
remember the lightbulb clicking on in my brain. The revelation changed my
life and turned me into a reader, so much so that my form teacher when I was
6 already wrote in my school report that when I was reading I was blind and
deaf to all around me. I wish I remember what that book had been. 

I honestly don't know if my parents read to us; I don't remember. My dad
used to make up stories for us every night (the main character was a boy
called Chicco, and flying bicycles came into it somewhere) but I'm not sure
that they actually read books to us. As soon as I knew how to read, I only
wanted to read by myself, or read to others, I didn't want to be read to.

Actually, I have a question. It's too soon really to be collecting books for
my son to read, but when it gets to that time, and for my own pleasure,
also... what would you recommend, in terms of good newer children's books/YA
books? My exposure stops in the 80s, really, and I didn't hold on to enough
of my books. I just ordered the Bartimaeus trilogy after reading some good
reviews... what other more recent children's authors would you recommend?



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I've posted my paper from the DWJ conference. Twice, actually! It's on my
usual children's lit blog, Misrule, here:


The formatting is a bit dodgy--doesn't like being brought over from Word.

I also posted it on my Open Salon blog, where the formatting is better but
you can't leave comments if you don't have an account.



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