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sadness. Only just found out-just got back from hiking (no internet!). I
have been a fan of DWJ since I first read "Cart and Cwidder" at age 11.
Three years ago a friend of mine advised me to write a fan letter to her
"she is getting older you know". At that moment I realised that I had always
considered her to be immortal...

I never did write a fan letter, I think because I wanted to cling onto that
hope that she was, in fact, immortal


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> My blog post about Diana is here:
> http://www.misrule.com.au/s9y/index.php?/archives/403-Saying-goodbye-to-Diana.html
> <
> http://www.misrule.com.au/s9y/index.php?/archives/403-Saying-goodbye-to-Diana.html
> >I
> am also just tidying up the paper I gave at the conference in 2009, which
> is
> itself something of a tribute to Diana and her influence on me. I'm having
> trouble with the formatting, bringing it over from Word to my blog, but as
> soon as I can get it in a shape that is passably readable, I'll be posting
> it too.
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