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No matter how expected, the sorrow is still great.
I am so sad that she has gone, and find it hard to take in the fact that her bright creative spirit is not still fermenting another story.
When I joined this list many years ago, I never expected to actually encounter DWJ herself, and I never met her in person. However, through the people on the list who knew DWJ personally, and especially Minnow, I have felt blessed beyond my expectations in being given DWJ's personal perspective on some of the things we discussed. Thank you Minnow for your generosity in sharing some joyful bits and pieces of Diana's thoughts and reactions. 

My thoughts are with you. 

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Diana died in her sleep last night at about five (GMT).  She was in St
Peter's Hospice in Bristol, after a short final illness, and her pain
was being controlled so that she was no longer hurting all the time.

The best friend ever I had.  I shall miss her.

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