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I'll chime in to express my own gratitude for the news, grief, and
condolences to those who knew Diana personally.  As I just said in my LJ,
Diana has been more of an influence on me and my worldview than anyone else
I don't know and most people I do know.  My life would be immeasurably
poorer without her.  One thing that comforts me after her death is knowing
that I am not alone in this sentiment, and that so many others all around
the world also shared this love for her.  Grief is easier to bear when it's
shared like this.


Diana died in her sleep last night at about five (GMT).  She was in St
> Peter's Hospice in Bristol, after a short final illness, and her pain
> was being controlled so that she was no longer hurting all the time.
> The best friend ever I had.  I shall miss her.
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