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We can't bury on a Sabbath so it would be delayed until sunday ( there are special mechanisms) But sometimes it's rushed precisely to get it in before the sabbath. I missed a close uncle's funeral that way. We do a big memorial a year later.  

A wake would be very good. 

Much love

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> Farah wrote:
>> I apologise if I sounded pushy: I come from a religion that buries
>> within 24 hours so am used to very fast decisions. I did not mean to
>> offend. 
> Not offended; why would I be?  Just not able to answer.
> Quite seriously, I shall be very surprised if nobody organises a wake
> for her, wouldn't you reckon?  So even if the funeral is quiet, which I
> suspect will be what John wants, we won't be unable to express our
> feelings and cry together.
> I don't even know whether they will get a death certificate before
> Monday!  After John Brunner died, as far as I remember nothing could
> really be done until the Procurator Fiscal or whoever it was came back
> from his golf on the Tuesday after the Worldcon.  What happens in your
> religion if someone dies on the Friday night of a Scottish Bank Holiday
> weekend? Do they get buried and the death certificate comes later?  Or
> what?  I'd never thought about it: I knew that was the rule, but hadn't
> considered how the administrative details in this country might mess it
> about.
> Minnow
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